Szeged is Hungary’s third largest city in terms of the number of permanent residents. It is a very important center of the southern part of its country, also due to its location very close to the borders with both Romania and Serbia. It has a population of just under 160,000. The city is famous for its gastronomy and comes from here not only the well-known Szeged goulash, but also the Hungarian salami.

Sights of Szeged

Cathedral of the Virgin Mary – is a definite landmark of this beautiful city and you must not miss it when visiting. It has a capacity of up to 5000 people and in this respect is the fourth largest cathedral in Hungary. Its towers are 91 meters high and the organ, which has 9740 pipes, is one of the largest in Europe.

Church of St. Matthias – the oldest temple to be seen in Szeged. Especially valuable are the interiors, especially the frescoes and also the marble altar.

Marian Church – dates from the 13th century, belongs to it later built Franciscan monastery.

Museums Szeged

Museum of Salami Pick and Peppers – where else should there be a museum with this theme than directly in Szeged.

Museum of the Treaty of Trianon – a museum of an important treaty that established the borders of today’s Hungary after the end of the First World War.

Museum of the writer Ferenc Móra – a museum with a clear focus on the work of this writer.

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Education Szeged

The city is home to Hungary’s second largest university. Szegedi Tudományegyetem was founded in the period after the First World War and mainly Hungarian students study here.

Public transport Szeged

For transport within the city, the use of public transport is definitely convenient. This will eliminate the need to worry about parking in the center. There are trams, trolleybuses and, of course, buses in the city. There are the most buses in the system, but they have a different operator than electrified trolleybus and tram vehicles.

Transport to Szeged

Szeged has its own airport, but it has limited use. The easiest way to get here is by your own car or long-distance bus. The motorway takes you directly from Budapest, which is only 170 kilometres away.

A flight to Budapest and subsequent transport to Szeged is also an option.

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