Osijek is a town located in the eastern part of Croatia directly on both banks of the Drava River. Among Croatian cities, it is the fourth largest in terms of population. Permanently there live about 84000 inhabitants directly in Osijek and if we include the surrounding villages correctly falling under the city then it is a total of about 108000 inhabitants.

Culture and attractions of Osijek

ZOO Osijek – in Osijek you can visit the largest zoo in the whole of Croatia. It can be found at Tvrđavica 1. In high season, it is open from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m. every day. An adult will pay 20 Kn for entry, Children from 3 years of age then 10 Kn.

State Archives in Osijek – part of the art gallery with a large collection of paintings.

And, of course, cinemas, theaters and other organizations.

Osijek Museums

Slavonia Museum – housed directly in the historic building of the local town hall. It is worth mentioning, first of all, the archaeological collection. It is open every day except Mondays, from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. An adult will pay 15 Kn for entry, students and pensioners will pay 10 Kn.

Museum of Shells and Water World – a museum with an absolutely clear focus.

Districts of Osijek

  • Brijest
  • Briješće
  • Josipovac
  • Klisa
  • Nemetin
  • Osijek
  • Podravlje
  • Sarvaš
  • Tenja
  • Tvrđavica
  • Višnjevac

Public transport Osijek

Osijek, like other large cities, relies on public transport to transport passengers within the city. In Osijek, the main means is a network of tram lines, which are complemented by buses. Apart from Zagreb, Osijek is the only Croatian city where trams run.

Transport Osijek

Like other large cities, Osijek is divided into smaller territorial units for easier orientation. In this case, these are:

The fastest and, of course, the most comfortable is, of course, air transport. The city has its own international airport, but it is not very used. After all, it is not within easy reach of seaside destinations like other busier air ports in the country.

Thanks to the good motorway connection, it is also possible to travel by car or long-distance bus. For example, the well-known company Flixbus will bring you here from many European cities. With early booking, tickets can be purchased at very reasonable prices.

Zavjetni kip Presvetog Trojstva, Osijek, Hrvatska (2015-04-28 1352)